Creative Media Workflow Redesign

Improved interdepartmental communication and client relations by establishing a documented workflow.

strategy project management ASUCD Creative Media Winter 2016

Creative Media is an almost entirely student-run full-service digital creative agency that operates under the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUCD). The organization is composed of three teams: Marketing, Graphics, and Programming. Creative Media works with both campus and corporate clients on a variety of marketing and web/mobile projects.

headshot of Sophie Maquiling

Marketing Co-Director

My role involved: collaborating with other leads to define problems & propose solutions, creating internal and client documents, and creating timeline and tasks.

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    Marketing Co-Director

  • headshot of Jackie Su

    Graphics Lead

  • headshot of Charlie Le

    Lead Programmer

CM Structure

CM org chart


  • Clients submit project requests to different staff members; no way of keeping track of projects

  • Slow turnaround time

  • Miscommunication or no communication between departments

In an interdepartmental collaboration, we developed the following workflow and procedure, which denotes the Marketing Department as the first point of contact with the client.

Workflow key
Workflow diagram part 1

Project Protocol and Production Times

We established protocol and production times for each of our main projects.

Google Accounts

Created Google accounts for all employees with the purpose of archiving all documents and communication within Creative Media.

Client Documents

To make the Creative Media process easier for clients to understand, we created a set of informational client documents to use during initial client meetings.

Project Turnaround Times sheet

Project Turnaround Times sheet

Our current workflow has proved successful over the past six months at improving interdepartmental communication and client relations.

In November 2016, I was awarded the Mark & Linda Champagne Award for Exemplary Customer Service after being nominated by two regular campus clients for their satisfaction with the current workflow.

As of Winter 2016, my role will officially change from Marketing Director to Project Manager, a new position that coordinates projects and timelines under Marketing, Graphics, and Programming.